12 Incredibly Dumb Things We Did as Teens That We Hope Our Kids Don't Try

Teens in Car

By most standards, I wasn't that wild a teenager. I never smoked, never tried drugs, and always kept my grades up. Even so, I still look back on some of the things I did as a teen and cringe. I happily hopped into cars with boys who showed off by driving recklessly, I drank more wine coolers than I should have, and I once mooned an elderly couple. Not my finest moment. 


Now that I'm a mom, I can both see that I was a pretty good kid AND that I would be furious if my kids did some of the things I did. 

The reckless driving, I mean. I can survive it if my kids mooned an old person. 

Because we grew up before social media, moms of my generation are lucky in some respects. Our stupidest mistakes and most regrettable decisions aren't online to follow us forever. Our kids aren't so lucky, which means that some of the things we got away with might become things our kids can never live down. 

I talked to 12 moms to find out what they did during their teen years that they hope their kids NEVER do. Consider this the ultimate "do as I say, not as I did" list.


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