Beauty And The Beast and Its Message of The Healing Power of Love

I was a tween when Disney released the animated version of Beauty and The Beast for the first time. I had the pleasure of watching it along with my mother, while she discussed with me the concepts of true love, compassion and sacrifice.


My mother passed away just a couple of years after and this is one of those memories together that I’ve treasured and will treasure forever. Her words and insight about the healing power of love helped me understand that real love can transform everything, and not necessarily making the outside to look different. Love transforms us on the inside, making our hearts grow and shine to turn the beast into a blessing.

Sixteen years later, I became a mom and my experience changed from daughter-mom to mom-daughter. Still, I had a déjà vu moment when I watched the movie four years ago along with my daughter Ayelen. She wasn’t old enough to understand all those fascinating concepts that my mother passed on to me in the same situation, but for sure she enjoyed watching the chandelier, the teapot, the clock and utensils dancing in front of her eyes, as well as how princess Belle turned the beast into a prince with a kiss.

Over the years, Ayelen has grown to understand love, compassion and loyalty. We’ve read and talked about these feelings and many others, while reading Beauty and The Beast over and over again. Most importantly, we have talked about the importance of using love to touch the lives of others. We believe in that same love while trying to understand that we all have bad times and that sometimes, we all act in ways we don’t want to; however, we still we own the power to transform ourselves and to transform the lives of others with our honest love.

As Disney prepares to release the DVD/Blu-RayTM version of Beauty and The Beast celebrating its 25th anniversary, I think of my mother and those days when I learned from her words through the actions of Belle. Now I watch my own daughter becoming that beautiful princess who understands that love never judges, never hurts and always turns darkness into light - and can even turn a beast into a prince!

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Eliana Tardio is a many times awarded Latino blogger with a strong passion for inclusion and diversity. As the Latina mother of two bilingual children with Down syndrome, Eliana inspires parents to become their children's best advocates and to believe in them and their possibilities regardless of their genetic makeup.

Thank you Disney for sponsoring this post, while inviting me to share how Beauty and the Beast has influenced my life as a daughter and a mother.

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