24 Super-Cute School Supplies You'll Want If Your Kids Don't

Sheri Reed | Aug 10, 2016 Tweens & Teens

school supplies

Each and every school year, we parents pay a bundle for the same long list of generic school supplies. Then we shove the pile in a backpack and send them off to school. If that's working for you, do it again this year! And every year! However, if forking out a lot of dough for a bunch of uninspired school tools is crushing your soul, we've found some super-pretty (and handsome!) goods that will make everything alright again. 


There's a time and a place for 2-for-1, spiral-bound notebooks and 99-cent colored pencils, but sometimes you (and your kids) need goods with a little more thrill and enthusiasm. Because school is AWESOME, right? Right. And it should be treated as such.

We've found 24 great-looking school supplies that will take school life up a notch. 


Images (clockwise from top left) via mochithings.com; omoionline.com; amazon.com; alexandalexa.com; papercookie.com.au; amazon.com

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