Tooth Fairy Leaves Boy Cash -- & a Threatening Letter

tooth fairy threatens boyWhen most kids lose a tooth, they get excited just thinking about the candy or cash they're hoping to find under their pillows the next morning. But one young man in Pennsylvania probably wishes he could put his freshly lost molar right back in his mouth. In addition to $5, the Tooth Fairy left Elliot Skwire a letter (or contract, really) obligating him to do his chores ... or else!


When Ray Skwire and his wife were debating what to leave under their 10-year-old's pillow -- after initialing forgetting about the all-important dental ritual -- they hatched a clever plan to get their son back on track when it comes to helping out around the house.

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Check out their hysterical letter from the "Tooth Adjusters":

tooth fairy

(Love the authentic tooth watermark and the official-looking letterhead!)

Here's what the letter says:

Dear Elliott,

Thank you for the return of your fourth molar. Here is payment upon receipt, the agreed-upon sum of $5.00 (five American dollars).

By leaving your tooth out for one of our Tooth Adjusters, you, the toothee, have entered into a contractual obligation to perform measured work, herein known as Chores. Please see the attached addendum for an updated list of these chores.

We have been notified by your Parental units that these obligations have frequently gone uncompleted, and often have to be requested multiple times before they are, in fact, done. If these obligations are not fully completed, without demand, in the specified time frame (every day after school or camp), we will have no recourse but to repossess all of your remaining teeth, by force if necessary, with no repayment to you.

The most comfortable solution for all three parties involved (Tooth Adjusters, Toothee, and Parental Units) is for you, the toothee, to do your Chores as expected, on time, every day. Do not make us come and take your teeth.

Warm regards,

The Offices of Tooth and Fairy, LLC -- Tooth Adjusters

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It's fun that instead of screaming at their little slacker (which it sounds like may have happened in the past), they're employing humor to try to bring him around.

So how did it go over with the tween? According to the thread Dad posted on Imgur:

"He didn't find it very funny, though. (We did, though.)," Ray writes. 

Sometimes a parent having a good laugh trumps tradition -- even the magic of the Tooth Fairy. And, if this works, even for a day, crafting that creative letter will have been well worth the effort!


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