24 Secret Texting Abbreviations Every Parent Needs to Know


In the ever-changing world of technology, it can be more difficult than ever for parents to keep up with the slang, lingo, or acronyms that kids are using these days. That also makes it difficult to figure out if and when children are engaging in any kind of dangerous behavior, like drugs or texting with strangers. There are certain things a parent's gotta know! And we've compiled a list that will certainly give worried parents the "411" -- that's code for info. 


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Much to every parent's dismay, expert Katie Greer points out there truly is "no magic list" of slang or texting terms to pull from. She even goes on to say that before the age of social media, this undoubtedly would have been a less daunting task. Because new slang gets invented every day and old slang gets outdated quickly, it will always be a little tricky to make a list that's definitive. 

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However, we ventured out and put together a list of 24 "red flag" abbreviations that are still in use (for now) and ultimately may require a parent to intervene if seen via text or social media. Letting a child have a cell phone is a frightening thing, for sure, but if kids are going to text their friends, it can be helpful if parents are clued in a little. Take a look at this list and see of there are any warning signs: 

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