#GoAskDad Video Reminds Us That Father Knows Best (Even When We Have the Internet)

dad and son shavingIn the days before the YouTube tutorials, kids had no choice but to ask their parents how to perform such basic tasks as tying a tie or frying an egg (or less basic tasks like asking a girl out). But now, research shows that 94 percent of teenagers go to the Internet for advice before their dads. It's a pretty sad development when you think about it, which is why Gillette was inspired to start the #GoAskDad campaign this Father's Day.


Beginning with a series of real-life dads talking to the camera about how their sons rarely seek their counsel, the video shows a group of teens learning how to shave and perform other daily activities. First, the kids ask the Internet what to do and follow the resulting instructions clumsily; next, their dads show up and show them how it's really done. The looks on the kids' faces? Priceless. Check it out:

Father knows best! In a time when information is so accessible, it's easier than ever for teenagers to believe their parents don't have anything to teach them -- when of course they do. And not only is there always more to be learned from a real live human being than a virtual tutor, but there's also always more to be gained on a deeper level from personal interaction, particularly with a parent.

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It can be so hard to connect with teenagers (speaking as the parent of one). True to the cliché, they really do think they know everything (and if they don't, they're more likely to ask their friends about it than you). Plus, teens are going through so much emotional turmoil on a daily basis that they can be reluctant to open up. Sometimes the most natural way to get conversation rolling is to do something together, something simple and low pressure -- and this video demonstrates that perfectly. 

Of course, kids aren't going to stop going directly to their Internet whenever they're curious about something, but this is a good reminder to us as parents that even if our teens think they know it all, we still have something to teach them -- and even if they don't ask us for help, we should always offer!


Image via Gillette/YouTube

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