9-Year-Old Girl Who Completed Navy SEALs Obstacle Course Is Your New Hero

9-Year-old Milla Bizzotto is the youngest competitor in a challenging Navy SEALs obstacle

"And a child shall lead them." Though young in age, children have the ability to influence a generation -- and that's exactly what Milla Bizzotto aims to do. This 9-year-old girl completed a Navy SEALs obstacle course to prove that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, regardless of naysayers and bullies.


Milla was the only competitor under age 18 at the BattleFrong Xtreme 24-hour race in Miami earlier this month. (She received special permission to participate.) And, just to give you a little taste of what this 9-year-old girl did, try to picture yourself doing the following: swinging from ropes, swimming, climbing, running, and completing laps that totaled about 30 miles.


Yeah, Milla wasn't playing around.

While some are likely shaking their heads at Milla (and her parents) for taking on such a challenge, this third grader refuses to slow down. In fact, Milla's message to kids her age is just as powerful as her ability to clean and jerk. (If you do CrossFit, you understood that.)

As Milla says in this amazing YouTube clip, "I can inspire a generation. I will inspire a generation."

Milla also adds:

I wanted to inspire kids to get off the couch and show that they have a special [quality] inside of them, and tell the people who don't believe in them who they really are.

Come on, you can't help but root for this girl!

What makes Milla's story even more amazing is not just her desire to reach her personal goals or encourage her peers to get active. Milla experienced bullying that could've dimmed her light as it sadly does to so many victims. And yet, that's what this young lady used as a catalyst to compete in fitness games and obstacle courses.

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"I want to inspire a generation. I don't get bullied anymore. I know how to stand up for myself now. And I love what I do. I want to do it forever," Milla told the Miami Herald.


As a self-professed "gym rat" myself, I am in awe of Milla and her story. Sure, there are folks who have nothing but criticism for her parents, but it's Milla who wants to be this active. Seeing as her father is a personal trainer and gym owner -- and Milla sees a doctor on the regular who monitors her progress -- I think it's great how this young girl doesn't want to sit in front of a TV, as so many people do today.

Plus, Milla is creating an amazing platform that combats bullying and is teaching children her own age to reach for the stars and do the impossible. In fact, Milla is proving that the "impossible" is actually very possible to achieve (with hard work, of course).

Rock on, Milla.



Image via christian bizzotto/YouTube

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