Teen Called 'Fat Whale' Turns Cyberbullying into a Mission to Save the Whales


Dee McMillan from Lampasas, Texas, should be your kid's newest role model -- not just for body positivity, but also for taking a terrible incident of cyberbullying and using it to spread love and hope. Someone at Dee's school superimposed a drawing of a whale over Dee's face on a Twitter account entitled FatWhaleDee, and the beautiful teen decided to hit back in the best way possible. 


"At first I had no clue," Dee writes on her Go Fund Me page

... It started with weird looks in the hallways and people giggling behind my back. Then my friends started sending me screenshots of the page so I would know. It was awful, the shame and embarrassment I felt. I left school right away and went home where I locked myself in my room and cried for hours. I stayed at home watching the follows grow for three days.

But then Dee came up with the amazingly inspired idea to sell T-shirts that read Dee the Fat Whale Saves the Whales ... and raise money for endangered whales.

The T-shirts cost $20 each and are being sold on Booster.com, where Dee has already raised over $5,000. 

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Since adding her Go Fund Me page, Dee has raised an additional $8,500. 

Dee's parents should be so proud of their girl, while the parents of the creeps who started this Twitter, and those who followed it, should be ashamed of the jerks they are raising. No one is raising a perfect child, but at the very least we should all be doing everything possible to raise kids who do no harm -- meaning if the first instinct your kid has is to call another kid a fat whale on social media, or giggle when someone else does it, your kid needs some serious empathy training.

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I'm hoping that Dee's classmates rally around her and show up to school wearing her T-shirt. Better yet, I'm hoping the school has an assembly to address this issue and to give props to Dee. She's a role model and an inspiration, and I'd be so proud if she were my daughter. 




Images via gofundme.com/deesavesthewhales; Booster.com

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