Parents Who Hire Dogs to Sniff Out Drugs in Their Kids' Rooms Must Be High

Do you know what's cheaper than paying $99 to have a drug-sniffing dog come investigate your teen's room to sniff out drugs? Having me tell you that if you are contemplating hiring a dog to do this, you can be pretty sure your kid is on drugs. This dog will basically be telling you something you all ready know. 


According to the Washington Post, in nine out of ten homes that have hired the Last Chance K9 Service, drugs have been discovered. So basically if you have gotten to the point where you are thinking of hiring a drug-sniffing dog, your kid has already used drugs. 

I can totally understand parents wanting confirmation. Thinking of your beautiful, smart, full-of-promise children doing drugs is scary as hell! No one wants their kids experimenting with drugs ... but you know who experimented with drugs when they were a teen? You. 

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Okay, so maybe not you, the one who is reading this saying, "Not me, I never ever did drugs. I didn't even inhale!" -- but the rest of you.

It's what teenagers do!

And I'm not saying it's a good thing. But it's going to happen, and I think before you hire a dog to start sniffing your kids' laundry, you should probably have an open and honest dialogue with them about drugs and how drugs can affect their brain cells and land them in prison and ruin their future -- whether that be going out with their friends Friday night or going to college. 

Thinking of your kid developing a serious drug problem is terrifying. Thinking of your kid getting high behind the 7-Eleven is scary too, but one is obviously not as scary as the other. I do think that hiring a dog to come sniff out drugs would probably scare enough teens into never developing a habit, so it's probably a good thing. But I can tell you what -- if you've gotten to that point, it's probably safe to say your kid is all hiding a bong in his sock drawer. 


Image via Erik Lam/Shutterstock

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