Going to Bed at This 'Magic Hour' Will Improve Your Kid's Grades

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You know your kid needs to get a good night's sleep -- heck, so do we parents! (Ha ha! Good one! I know.) But a new study provides a little more encouragement for enforcing bedtimes even as kids get older ... because new research show that there's definitely a link between a teen's bedtime and her grades.


The study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, found that high-schoolers who went to bed by ... are you ready for the magic number? ... 11 p.m. on weeknights got better grades in school than kids who were burning the midnight (and beyond) oil.

And, researchers also found that staying up later than 11 p.m. even on the weekends had a negative effect on GPAs.

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Sigh. I wonder if anyone is showing these studies to the people making decisions at school ... i.e., the ones who are handing out the homework?! I know that a lot of teens stay up super late just as a matter of course -- but a big reason is that they've got so much darn work to do after school. Combined with sports, dance, play rehearsals, and all the other things they're involved in, many teenagers are even busier than their working parents. No joke.

Even my 12-year-old seventh grader likes to stay up later than she really should -- just to finally get some veg-out downtime. And I can't blame her ... after a long day at school, then time doing homework, going to ballet, eating dinner, doing more homework ... of course she wants a little time to just watch TV or read or just zone out on Instagram. Who wouldn't?! And I know it's only going to get worse as she gets older.

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Yes, she could quit ballet and school plays and have a lot more time, but I also think it's important to embrace living a well-rounded life -- while still getting more or less enough sleep! Sometimes it seems like the whole point of school is to learn the art of the juggling act. But it is helpful to have a guideline for when teens should ideally get to bed. It's always good to have goals!


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