10-Year-Old Has No Time for Bullies, Too Busy Showing Her Clothing Line at Fashion Week

10-year-old girl silences bullies and haters with plus-size clothing line

When people say "Let your haters be your motivators," it can be easier said than done -- especially if you're a tween or teen. After being bullied because of her weight, Egypt "Ify" Ufele had enough, and she decided to take matters into her own hands. Rather than fight fire with fire, the 10-year-old created a plus-size fashion line, which recently graced the runway of New York Fashion Week.


Chubiline is her collection that brings "Africa to America, one design at a time."

It's crazy to think a 10-year-old's threads would grant her access to one of the most elite fashion events in the world, but Ify is able to check off that box. And as you probably guessed, Ify was one of the youngest designers at the show!

Sharing her journey on her Instagram page bullychasers, Ify appears to be a remarkable young woman who has a serious talent with a sewing machine.

The 10-year-old also hopes her message will empower more people to love who they are.

Sewing for a cause. #bullychasers. Taste the Sweet.

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Now, how about that?


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I can only imagine the amount of craziness kids today experience in school, and I am so thankful Ify was able to have a happy (and unexpected) ending to her story -- that's still being written!

Body image is such a touchy subject as is. And while being healthy -- both physically and emotionally -- is important, so is loving yourself.

It gives me joy to hear Ify was able to turn such a negative situation into something positive.

My, what a story!



Image via bullychasers/Instagram

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