Monica Lewinsky Celebrates 'World Safer Internet Day' With a Set of Free Emojis to Help Kids #BeStrong

Being a teen can be incredibly stressful, especially when your kids find themselves falling prey to unkind comments left on their Instagram snaps or nasty remarks made on their blog. Today is World Safer Internet Day, and Monica Lewinsky has partnered with Vodafone on a new set of emojis that can help combat online bullying. 


The emojis, called the #BeStrong keyboard, can be used when someone you know needs a little support when confronted with online trolls or nasty comments. The emojis are to be used when you see or witness someone being harassed online. 

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An emoji is a quick, easy way for teens to send support to a friend, and can convey that they have someone's back, they care about that person, that they are with him or her in solidarity. It can be a universal symbol that easily lets others know that they aren't alone in what can be a cold, ugly, technological world. I'll be downloading these for my kids to use, in hopes they can help make their friends feel a little better if they encounter ugliness online or via their phones. 

The free keyboard app is available for download beginning on World Safer Internet Day, February 9, in the iTunes App Store and coming soon on Google Play. 

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