High School Girl Schools Her White Teacher With a Lesson About Racism (VIDEO)

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A high school student schooled her white teacher on racism, and you've got to see her in action. I'm not sure who the parents of this girl are, but I hope they are applauding themselves (and her, obvs) for her not only truly understanding white privilege, but for her having the nerve to educate her teacher on how very wrong he is when he lectures his class on "racism against white people."


I really wish the entire discussion had been filmed, but I think it's pretty safe to say that this girl is better suited to teach the class than the man doing so. 

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The last thing the world needs is another white lady explaining how wrong this dude is, because the girl above does a pretty excellent job on her own. When teaching a class on race, I think one of the smartest things an educator can do is to let the students -- a lot of whom are students of color -- explain how they experience systematic racism on a daily basis. They need to talk about the change they want to see in the world, and there also needs to be a big 'ol discussion on how white people can recognize their own privilege -- how easily they move through the world, free of racism. 

Our white kids needs to understand and appreciate what their classmates deal with on a daily basis, and how best they can help those friends and classmates when they see prejudice occurring. They also need to learn that one of the best things a white person can do when it comes to discussions on race is to sit down and listen. And hopefully they will learn something. 

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I really wish this video went on longer and the teacher in it just took a seat and let this student talk. I think that would have been a much greater lesson than whatever nonsense he was spewing. 


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