14-Year-Old Nearly Dies After Playing Popular YouTube 'Duct Tape Challenge' Game

skylar fishProof that even the most seemingly harmless teenage hijinks can go horribly awry in a matter of seconds: A 14-year-old in Washington State suffered near-fatal injuries after playing the popular "duct tape challenge" -- and he might never recover the vision in one of his eyes!


According to his mom, Sarah Fish, her son Skylar Fish had played the game (which involves kids taping each other to things like chairs or other people and then uploading footage of the prank online) several times before with no problems. And to be fair, while this challenge sounds fairly stupid, it doesn't sound particularly dangerous -- which is what makes this story all the more shocking. Because the last time Skylar and his friends played the game at a local school, his buddies decided to tape him to something while he was standing up -- and Skylar lost his balance, smashing his head against a window frame. 

Skylar's pals called 911 when his head started gushing blood. At the hospital, it was discovered that the teen's eye socket had been crushed and he needed surgery for blood in his brain. Sarah says doctors told her that what happened was a "freak accident," and that his injuries were the kind of thing they usually see on people who've been in car accidents or kicked by a horse (!). Here he is, on the mend:

“He is really lucky to be alive, he is really lucky to not have brain damage,” Sarah told BuzzFeed News.

“They were being stupid,” she said. “They made a stupid choice."

Sure, but teens do stupid things all the time -- rarely do those stupid things have consequences quite this severe. It's a harsh but important reminder that literally anything can happen, so teens (all of us, really) can never be too careful. 

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The problem, of course, is that kids never think this kind of thing can happen to them. That's why Sarah is determined to share Skylar's story, in the hopes that maybe other kids will learn from his mistake.

“All I can do is bring awareness, so other parents can look and see what kids are getting into,” she said.

“He’s really happy to be alive,” she said. “He’s really sad that it happened, but he’s happy to be alive. He could have been a vegetable [and] he could be dead.”

Images via Siemny Kim/Facebook

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