10 Instagram Accounts You Actually Want Your Tween Daughter to Follow

Social media isn't always the safest space for girls. From bullying to predators, it can be a dangerous place. But there are a few Instagram accounts that girls should follow -- once they're old enough, of course, to have an account of their own. Take a look.


1. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls (@amypoehlerssmartgirls)

Everyone's fave funny gal Amy Poehler teamed up with her bestie Meredith Walker to create Smart Girls -- a place to encourage girls to celebrate being themselves. That's what this Instagram from Amy and Meredith -- shared with the caption "There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do" -- does. Right on.

2. Rookie (@rookiemag)

Rookie is an online magazine, book series, and meeting place for teenage girls to talk about everything from fashion and beauty to love and empowerment. Rookie is able to maintain its edge while still being a safe place for our girls to express themselves. Here are "Rookies" Charlotte and Faith at the launch of Rookie Yearbook Four.

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3. The Girl Scouts (@girlscouts)

Good old fashioned service and lots of cookies are what you'll find on the Girl Scouts Instagram feed. Who could resist sweet faces like these Scouts who, along with Peets Coffee, raised money for college scholarships for low-income girls. #SquadGoals

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4. Jules Spector (@jules.spector)

Jules Spector is a teen who blogs about feminism from a teenage perspective that even those of us a ... few years older than her can totally dig. Here she is raising money for the Malala Fund with a fierce drawing of Notorious RBG pinned up on the wall behind her. Quite a girl.


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5. Alana Smith (@alanasmithskate)

This little girl is going places -- on her skateboard. Alana is on her way to the Oslo, Norway X Games in 2016 and even has her own line of skateboard decks. Her Instagram feed will help you keep up with her hectic schedule, skate events and funky skater-chic style.


6. Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe)

If your little girl is an aspiring ballerina, there's just no better role model than Misty Copeland, the first Black woman to become the Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre. She's a fierce American original and incredible role model for girls everywhere.


7. Girls Who Code (@girlswhocode)

These girls want to close the gender gap in tech jobs by encouraging girls to get into coding. The account also pairs girls up with opportunities to learn more about coding and computers.


8. Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)

Follow the glamourous antics of a well heeled lady who also just happens to be the greatest American athlete of our time. Serena posts cute pics of her dog and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what lady greatness looks like. This image is from Harper's Bazaar's "Most Daring" issue celebrating women who are "brave enough to live by their own rules and take flight."


9. National Geographic (@natgeo)

Encourage your daughter to explore the world and all of it's fascinating visuals with the help of the best photographers on the National Geographic Instagram feed. They'll meet baby animals and meet people from the most far flung parts of the world. Here's a 4-week-old leopard. Awwww.


10. NASA (@nasa)

The universe can be at your daughter's fingertips with the incredible images and information on NASA's Instagram. You can even follow astronauts like Scott Kelly and Tim Kopra as they work and live in a space station. It's like space camp on social media and oh so very cool.

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