Check Out the Dope Dancing Girls That Dazzled Missy Elliott With 'WTF' Moves (VIDEO)

The little ladies from Jade's Hip Hop Academy made a dance video to Missy Elliott's "WTF" that is so unbelievably good, even "The Misdemeanor" herself had to give them a shout-out.


Check out Missy's tweet:

The "where they from" refers to the song's title.

Jade's girls, ranging in age from 7 to 16, take a cue from Missy herself and dance with such joy it's hard not to stand up and stick out your tongue right along with them. And they're wearing clothes and everything!

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You have to watch it for yourself. It's amazing.

These girls aren't dancing to be sexy. They're dancing because it's fun -- and they're really good at it. It makes a mama happy to see happy girls empowered to do more with their bodies than writhe in fake ecstasy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some dance moves to work on.


Image via Jade's Hip Hop Academy/YouTube

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