Boy's Time Lapse of 8 Years of Selfies Shows How Fast Kids Really Do Grow Up (VIDEO)

It's pretty amazing to think about all the cool things technology allows us to do -- including take selfies every day for eight years! Hugo Cornellier has certainly documented his youth, as the now-20-year-old has a pretty cool time lapse video that shows his transformation from a boy to a man in less than three minutes.


Luckily for parents, our children won't skyrocket into adulthood this quickly. Still, it's pretty crazy to see something like this given it happens in a flash. Hugo's video is part of his "photo every day" project that encourages people to take selfies so they can have a time lapse of their own for memory's sake.

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After watching this video, I might have to send my children (they're both under age 2) to Neverland, as I don't want them to grow up just yet. I'm sure Hugo's family has wonderful memories, but this time lapse has me in my feelings. I know my kids aren't heading to college anytime soon, but man, talk about here today and gone tomorrow.

Perhaps I should make something like this (I loathe selfies, so a flipbook of some sort will have to do).


Image via Hugo Cornellier/YouTube

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