Girls Wear Scarlet Letter to School to Protest Sexist Dress Code (VIDEO)

It's fine that schools have policies in place for students to follow, but don't you think they should be equally enforced? Students at the Charleston County School of the Arts in South Carolina are fed up with a gender-biased dress code that unfairly targets young women, and in turn, they are protesting with scarlet letters to show their distaste.


After all, isn't knowledge power?

Junior Reese Fischer is just one of many high school girls who feels her county's policy regarding appropriate school attire often looks the other way for boys, but unfairly calls out the ladies -- sometimes for wearing something similar, as she explained to the Post and Courier. Fellow junior Peyton Corder was even brought to tears after being sent to the guidance counselor's office over a skirt the educator later told her not to wear, because bigger girls need to wear longer skirts.

Say what?

Oh yes, in addition to boys flying under the radar with this dress code, humiliation also appears to be fair game (Peyton wasn't the only student who came forward with stories like this) -- including a teacher looking up a girl's shirt just to prove she could see a bra. Seriously, who has time -- or thinks it's professional -- to go to such extreme measures for the sake of proving a point?

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As a parent, I would be so enraged I would likely only see red. Apparently, so did Reese, as she took to Instagram to announce the start of a revolution: The Not 'A' Distraction movement that encourages students to fight for equality and fairness when it comes to a school dress code. Taking a page from The Scarlet Letter, participants wear a red letter "A" on their clothes to represent "their sin."

HI!!!! As many of you heard there's a new dress code policy being enforced as of tomorrow that will require students to leave class and sit in the office until their dress code violation is 'dealt with'. Also, for a teacher to send you to the office they do NOT have to dictate whether or not you're in dress code, simply question it. Many students find it incredibly offensive that their outfits are being held at a higher importance than their education. many ideas have been tossed around about how to let admin know that we are dissatisfied with the way they're handling dress code violations. the solution we've reached is : Tomorrow, September 24th 2015, it would be AWESOME if we could get as many people as possible to incorporate a red A into their outfits as the red A is a famous symbol for 'sin'. We'll keep this page updated as frequently as possible so that the movement is cohesive and effective. Thank you for standing up for what's fair. (that everyone should be treated with equal respect) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING PLEASE JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT "NOT 'A' DISTRACTION"

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The response has been pretty significant, with teen girls, boys -- and even some teachers -- rocking the letter A to show they're just not cool with the policy. As Reese and others point out, most people don't have an issue with dress codes, so long as they're fairly enforced for all students.

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Here are a few others down for the cause:

Standing with the students of SOA. #notadistraction #notadistractionsoa #soawhatsgood @revadawnwill @emilymoseley

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I love the idea of using the the scarlet letter because it hits those going overboard with the very knowledge they're trying to teach. Sure, no one is on trial for adultery, but most of these policies tend to do more harm than good, as they're extremely subjective. Yes, kids shouldn't come to school naked, but the message needs to be consistent -- and not one that includes humiliation. Even Robert Perrineau, the assistant principal at the Charleston County School of the Arts, had to applaud those part of the movement for standing up for what's right. The fact that Robert is calling for fairer enforcement shows there's both a problem and serious disconnect.

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Perhaps the time has come to go back to the drawing board and make adjustments to the dress code that sets a standard without degrading anyone.

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