11-Year-Old Delivers Baby Brother When His Laboring Mom Can't Get to Hospital on Time

Can you imagine being in a situation where your 11-year-old child delivered your baby at home? Seriously, it's something most of us couldn't fathom (assuming you have an older child), as most kids that age barely understand the birds and the bees. Yet, James Dukes had no problem springing into action when his mother needed him most.


Mom Kenyarda Dukes had no idea her Tuesday morning would include the birth of her second son, Royal Dukes -- especially at home. Kenyarda started to go into labor and quickly realized she wouldn't make it to the hospital. While most of us would probably lose it in that situation, her son James called 911, and followed the dispatcher's instructors to deliver his baby brother.


We hear stories about children playing doctor (James actually wants to be one when he grows up), but this story takes the cake. All jokes aside, James did a very brave thing, as I'm sure many kids his age might've run for the hills. This is just another example of how things don't always go according to plan -- or a birth plan at that. Sometimes, you have to improvise and think quickly on your feet.

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My second child came very fast (I was in labor for a little less than three hours), which caught me off guard. There I was watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in bed with my husband when I felt a little contraction. "Better pack the hospital bag," I jokingly said, as I was seven days past my due date (my first child was late too). Little did I know, I would be packing between contractions and racing off to the hospital.

When you gotta give birth, you gotta give birth.


Image via WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

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