White Eighth-Grader With Dreadlocks Violates School Dress Code (VIDEO)

Kids have barely been in school for a month with all this news of crazy dress code violations popping up left and right. Well, here's another you might want to add to the list. Caycee Cunningham is an eighth-grade student at Lincoln Academy in Utah who believes her school discriminated against her for being white with dreadlocks.


Once again, it appears the school in question has a strict dress code policy -- including no hairstyles that distract students. The principal even had the nerve to call up Caycee's mom, Tonya Judd, and request they be removed.


Take a look at the video and then we'll talk.

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So I get rules are made to be followed, and oftentimes are in place for a reason, but certain things shouldn't be so black and white -- like Caycee being able to wear her hair in dreads. Is the appearance of someone of the Caucasian persuasion with dreadlocks that unfathomable that no lesson can be taught in class? Side note: Yes, cultural appropriation is very real, but I think we should be careful not to cast a one-size-fits-all net over every white person who wears locks or braids (at least I try to look at things on a case-by-case basis).

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While policies are important, I really think the time has come for those in charge to review standards in place, as things seem extremely subjective. It shouldn't take Caycee and her mom citing religious reasons for her not to violate policy. At this point, anyone with natural hair, or with hair that's wavy, or who enjoys colorful hair clips might want to run for cover.

I get we want to teach children to respect rules and authoritative figures, but can we please take a moment to think about the message we're sending when a certain look or appearance becomes unacceptable?


Image via FOX 13 Salt Lake City

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