15-Year-Old Suffers Chemical Burns After Classmate Smears Super Glue in Her Hair (VIDEO)

High school is already tough enough without hearing about stories like this. Hannah Combs is a freshman who suffered chemical burns after a classmate smeared super glue in her hair.


I'm pretty sure we can all think back to those first days of high school and just how nervous we felt. There's a good chance you didn't have your group of friends from middle school to help you navigate the halls as the new kid on the block. Now picture 15-year-old Hannah and how she felt after a boy humiliated her with super glue that required a trip to urgent care.

Just horrible!

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Teens in general already struggle with body image and self-esteem, so why would someone think this was funny -- or a good idea? I don't know if you ever got super glue on your fingers by accident, but it can hurt.

I feel so bad that Hannah already struggles with feeling pretty (her mom mentioned Hannah thought her hair was her only beauty). One can only hope this incident doesn't shake her foundation so she can love herself a little more, both on the inside and out.

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Hannah, sweetie, you're gorgeous as is. It's shameful something like this happened to you -- let alone anyone -- but keep your head up. PS -- You look pretty badass with your haircut (I'm just sorry it came from burns on your scalp).

As for this boy, I truly hope officials involved discipline him accordingly. No matter if this was a dare or joke gone horribly wrong, people need to learn not to do such foolishness -- especially with super glue of all things!


Image via KWTX 10 News

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