14-Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed Arrested for Homemade Clock Assumed to Be a Bomb (VIDEO)

By now you've probably heard about 14-year-old MacArthur High School student Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested after taking a homemade clock to school teachers and officials thought was a bomb.


Needless to say, this incident has caused quite an uproar, but before we get into it, take a look at Ahmed's accounts of what happened.

Given recent news of on-campus shootings and our history of violence in this nation, it can be understandable why people are on high alert. Yet, in the same breath, it's important not to allow feelings of nervousness to turn into an assumption -- especially one that might be fueled based on a person's color. Many people are scratching their heads at how this situation was handled. From interrogating this ninth-grader without his parents present to arresting him for a bomb hoax, there comes a point when you have to ask yourself whether or not Ahmed was a victim of Islamophobia.

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Since news broke of Ahmed's arrest, the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed has trended with thousands coming to this 14-year-old's defense.

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This entire situation leaves me full of questions. If the teacher thought Ahmed was in fact carrying a bomb, why did she keep it like no big deal? And if the police determined the clock was no threat, why was he still arrested on a bomb hoax? At least from what we've seen in the news, that typically comes when you either call in a false bomb threat, or act as if you have or made a bomb. What can be said about Ahmed, who kept saying it was a clock?

I guess my question wouldn't be why a tech-savvy engineering student brought a homemade creation to school to show his engineering teacher, but rather, why officials kept asking why he made a clock (I guess to tell time is not a good answer?). There's no denying Ahmed's aptitude for technology. Hopefully this situation will not affect his college and professional endeavors down the road.


Image via The Dallas Morning News/YouTube

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