12-Year-Old's Tear-Stained, Lovesick Note Will Give You All the Feels (PHOTO)

love noteRomantic rejection is never easy, but the first cut is the deepest, so they say -- and that definitely seems to be the case for a 12-year-old girl whose recent lovesick note to an older neighborhood dude is going viral for being completely, adorably devastating.


Originally posted on Reddit by user Wait_No_Stop, the handwritten note was prefaced with the following explanation:

This 12yo girl in my neighborhood has a crush on my boyfriend and knocks on our door almost every day to ask him to play. We found this under our doormat after she walked by us tossing a football outside.

And now, get ready to cringe (note the tear stains at the bottom!!):

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Awwww, poor girl! Granted, there are lots of things we don't know about this situation: How old is John, exactly? If he's like, 15, then it's possible this girl was being sorta kinda led on; if he's like, 25, then it's more probable that this girl is just slightly delusional in the way most 12-year-old girls are slightly delusional. 

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And who doesn't remember being that way?? Personally, my first devastating crush came earlier -- I was, like, 6, and the object of my affection was the same age. But I still recall the sting of watching him sit cross-legged on the floor next to another girl during circle time like it was yesterday! Yowch. I totally understand why it was that eye roll from John's girlfriend that finally pushed Trinity over the edge. I mean, your beloved telling you over and over again that your relationship can't move beyond the football-in-the-street phase is one thing, but an EYE ROLL FROM THE OTHER WOMAN?! That hurts, people. That hurts.

Here's hoping Trinity finds a more worthy suitor soon. Also that she learns the correct past tense of the word "hurt," because she clearly needs to work on her grammar. Pay more attention to school and less attention to boys, Trinity!! This is your future we're talking about!


Image via Dwayne/Flickr 

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