Middle School Class That Makes Students Write 'Allah Is the Only God' Has Parents Concerned (VIDEO)

Some parents with students in Spring Hill Middle School in Tennessee are having a hard time understanding why a seventh-grade teacher made kids write "Allah is the only God."


Mom Brandee Porterfield has come forward to express her concern, as it appears three weeks were dedicated to learning about Islam -- with little to no attention on other religions. From how it sounds, her daughter's seventh-grade world history teacher did not take a broad-in-scope approach as students not only focused on the Five Pillars of Islam, but were also instructed to write portions of the Islamic conversion creed.

Here she is talking to Fox and Friends about her issues with the class agenda.

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It's really important to watch our words, as the goal in this discussion is not to damn anyone of different faiths. This seventh-grade class is a world history class that will naturally highlight an assortment of cultures, key figures, and noteworthy times throughout the years. I don't think it's odd to discuss different religions -- especially those with millions of followers around the globe.

Brandee has an issue with her daughter's learning about the doctrines and creeds of one faith and not others, which some might consider the state's sponsoring religion in public schools. I don't think it's unheard of to question why one faith is highlighted in such detail while others are completely shut out. Even if different religions are introduced down the road, is it right to focus so much attention and detail on just one?

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At least to me, the argument should not be about why Christianity was thrown out with the bathwater. Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian (J.C. and I go way back), but that doesn't mean I agree with more attention being paid to my beliefs (wouldn't that be hypocritical?). I don't see anything wrong with kids learning about different religions, as they'll likely have friends who come from all walks of life. However, I do think there's a fine line between general knowledge and detailed study that would likely raise eyebrows.

Can't they just move on to something else, given religion shouldn't take up so much time? There are Wonders of the World and other great things they can learn. After all, Earth is a pretty big place.


Image via FOX News Insider

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