Retired U.S. Marine & Daughter Celebrate Quinceañera With Awesome Dance Routine (VIDEO)

Forget Dancing with the Stars -- this family dropped some serious moves on the dance floor. Fifteen-year-old Jasmine and her father, Leonardo Cortinas, a retired U.S. Marine, scored tens across the board for this amazing father-daughter quinceañera dance performance.


Don't they look cute? I couldn't help but dance a little when I saw this. All right, I'm lying. I was tootsie rolling like a crazy woman (sue me).

Keep watching for a special cameo appearance.

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I LOVE seeing videos like this! Not only are they entertaining but make for wonderful memories. Aside from Jasmine's looking like a princess (Princess Jasmine, get it? Sorry, I had to), this proud papa let the young'uns know he could still get down -- and my did he ever.

Even though I don't have a daughter, I look forward to dancing with my sons when they get married. Hopefully they'll let me "unleash the beast" when it comes to our first dance.


Image via tiachata luera/YouTube

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