Dad Holds 13-Year-Old Daughter's Closet Hostage Over $500 Phone Bill (VIDEO)

Teens have been known to give parents a little trouble in the drama department, as well as cost them a few dollars from time to time. While certain things do come with the parenting territory, Jared Cramer never expected to pay a $500 phone bill his teen daughter accrued thanks to high data usage -- and possibly over-posting on Instagram.


$500 is some pretty serious photo action. Ouch.

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While this Hanover, Virginia, dad does seem pretty chill (who knows how many screaming sessions he had inside his pillow), that doesn't mean he didn't find a very interesting punishment for his teen daughter.

Would you ever think to lock up your child's closet and make him or her work for their clothing and accessories? Jared was obviously not playing when it came to teaching his daughter Julia a lesson about racking up a $541.36 phone bill. This eighth grader only had a toothbrush, deodorant, and three Walmart outfits to her name, which probably made her think twice about how much she uses her phone.

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I'm sure it was a careless mistake, as not too many children would think accumulating such a high phone bill is a great way to stay on their parents' good side. Still, moms and dads are faced with thinking up a punishment they deem suitable.

I can recall my younger sister ringing up a high phone bill when she was a teen. It was hard for me to understand why she felt the need to send hundreds of texts to her school friends she saw five days a week. What the heck happened to paper messages you would scoot over with your feet? Sheesh.


Image via WWBT NBC 12 News

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