Teacher Makes 14-Year-Old Girl Pick Up Paper With Her Teeth After She Missed Trash Can (VIDEO)

Some people must be dying to get into a fight with parents, as certain behavior is appalling. A teacher at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School in Dayton, Texas, has said sorry a day after she made a student pick up trash with her teeth


The item in question that got this unnamed 14-year-old girl in trouble was a balled-up piece of paper she was trying to throw in the trash (you know, like a basketball).

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I have been trying to work on my patience and cussing as my New Year's resolution, and this story does absolutely nothing to help both (*deep sigh*). Michelle Arceneaux, the mother of this now-humiliated girl, must be a saint because I don't know too many parents who wouldn't make news of their own for their reaction to a child being treated like an animal.

I don't know what happened for this teacher to think making a student lie on her stomach and grab trash with her teeth was OK. Can you imagine how this girl felt as her classmates couldn't help but laugh at her punishment? Even if there was an exchange that escalated the situation, why not send the teen to the principal's office, or just assign detention or something? I would think those alternatives wouldn't get you in trouble down the road.

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Then again, who knows what gets the thumbs-up behind closed doors considering the response from the school district was so-so and this teacher is still teaching (mom Michelle said her daughter will leave the class, as she's no longer comfortable). This is not only odd but a little disturbing to say the least.


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