14-Year-Old Boy Is Now on Police Registry for 'Sexting' a Peer

It's bad enough when parents find out their teenager is involved in craziness, but now they have to worry about their having a record? In the U.K., an unnamed 14-year-old teen caught sexting is now in a police database for at least 10 years, after he sent a revealing photo of himself to a female classmate his age.


Sexting, or "the art of sending sexual text messages" as some would like to call it, is nothing new, but can carry serious consequences -- especially if a minor is involved.

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Those across the pond don't appear to be playing around when it comes to non-adults sexting, and had no problem putting this 14-year-old in their Police National Database to prove it. Even though he wasn't arrested or officially charged, he's now listed as distributing an indecent image of a child ... even though he was the said child. It goes without saying this teen's indiscretion could carry greater consequences down the road -- like if and when he applies for a job (employers might get a red flag about his crime).

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While I commend those in power for cracking down on minors and intimate images, I can't help but wonder if they went too far with this one (I think so). Yes, this guy shouldn't have sent an image like this to his classmate (she shared it with someone else), but does that mean he has to wear a scarlet letter of shame for at least 10 years? I in no way condone teen sexting (I must be really old as I can't imagine doing it when I was that age), but I do know one in five to ten teens are snapping pics they shouldn't.

This is definitely a discussion point for parents and kids.


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