This Violent Fight Between High School Girls Will Make You Consider Homeschooling (VIDEO)

I'm probably going to totally age myself by saying this, but back in MY day we never had fights in school like this one. I can't remember a time when kids started hitting each other and tearing at each other's hair when I went to high school. But that's exactly what happened at Cypress Lakes High School in Texas, and a video of the fight between a group of high school girls is quickly going viral. 


Being a teenager is hard! Being a teenage girl is especially hard, with raging hormones and insecurities and the politics of friendship and ugh, I wouldn't go back to those days if you paid me. Sure, I had arguments with my girlfriends and we hurt each other's feelings and there were a lot of tears and slammed doors, but I never witnessed anything like this. 

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It's great the school broke up the fight and is dealing with the students involved, but how did it get to this point? If the teen boy knew that this had been going on for a long time, why didn't any of the teachers know and call the girls into the office for a chat? 

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My daughter just started middle school, and the school she attends has a very strict no violence/bullying policy, but things like this worry me to death. Maybe she'll never be involved in an altercation like the above, but I'm sure there will be plenty times ahead when she gets into verbal fights with girls and they hurt each other's feelings and she comes home upset. That's part of growing up. But I can't help feeling sick to my stomach over instances like this and wanting to shield her from anything even resembling girl-on-girl violence. I think all we can really do as parents is talk to our daughters about their emotions and how to be a good friend and how to walk away when things get heated, and hope that there are responsible adults around to step in as soon as the hair pulling starts. 


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