Stranger Writes Rude Note to Mom Parking in Handicap Spot, but Fails to Realize Her Daughter Has a Disability

While objects in the rear mirror are closer than they appear, your words are never too far from causing someone pain. Colorado mom Naomi Barringer was appalled to find this note on her car that shames her for using a handicap parking spot while out with her daughter. Little did the person know, Naomi's 10-year-old, Kaitlyn, does have a disability.


What the person who saw this mother-daughter duo failed to realize is that Kaitlyn suffers from hypophosphatasia, a rare and sometimes fatal bone disease that often leaves this 10-year-old in pain.

First off, who has time in their day to write, let alone spend time on a computer typing up, such a hateful letter? I've heard of those funny-haha notes you can purchase for people who can't park well (even those can be hurtful), but this is extremely ridiculous.

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Yes, there are people who misuse handicap spots and tags, but there are punishments in place for those offenders. It's your prerogative to call the police, but why not just go about your day?

This makes me think about the assumptions I make in life, and how my words can be venomous to others. Just think how easy it is for all of us to assume we know all the facts, when in reality, we might be completely clueless. You don't always have to agree with someone to show a little compassion.

The next time you feel like drafting a nasty letter to someone, make sure you think twice about it.


Image via 9 News Colorado/NBC

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