College Students Find a Magical Secret Compartment in Their Dorm Room Full of Random Junk

I recently dropped my eldest kid off at college, and we didn't find any cool secrets or hidden items in his dorm room, unless you are counting a few spiders and a dresser that was placed right next to his toilet. Basically, it was nothing like this kid who found a hidden compartment in his dorm room and posted the images on Reddit. 


This just looks like an ordinary outlet cover possibly covering a dead outlet, but the curious college students decided to take the cover off and voila! 

My buddy found this in his dorm room

The note reads: 

Welcome to room 221! Welcome to the best dorm room in ___ hall. If you're reading this you found out this compartment exists! Congratulations! Inside is a lighter (for whatever you may need it for), an awesome Spongebob pen, a condom and two spare keys to the room. THESE ARE A SECRET!!! Use them in case you lose your key (that shit costs mad money!) Make the best of your freshman year! 


Old roommates of 221 (2014-2015) 

Cute idea, right? But I would warn the new roommates about using that condom, because who knows if it has holes in it or something. And I'm sure the lighter will come in handy, for um, doing stuff like lighting candles to make the room smell better and, um, starting bonfires or something. Yeah, right, that's exactly what college students use lighters for. 

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I'm not trying to be judgy of these secret-hiders, but they could have been a lot more creative with what they shoved in that space. The spare keys are a cool idea but I think they could have made more of an effort. A Spongebob pen! Who needs a Spongebob pen?  I'm going to see if my kid has any outlet covers like this in his room, and when he moves out I'm going to shove in a welcome note and a gift card to the yogurt place down the street and possibly a pamphlet on sexual assault on campus or something. 


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