Your Teens Are Crawling With Lice Because They Won't Stop Snapping Selfies

Doctors for some time have been trying to figure out why more teens are showing up in their office with lice. When you consider many don't get it thanks to not sharing their stuff (go figure, sharing isn't always caring), professionals have been working on the double to solve this mystery faster than a game of Clue. Well, here's your answer: It was a teenager, in or out of school with a camera phone. That's right, folks, it looks like teens are getting lice because of selfies.


An itchy scalp is no laughing matter (lice is contagious and can annoyingly spread like wildfire), but come on, selfies?

I guess you can say there is a price to pay for vanity.

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In all seriousness, you might want to speak to your kid about keeping a little distance from their friends when they take a photo. Doctors believe lice is spread when teens squish their heads together to fit everyone in a selfie pic.

Maybe this will scare some people into never taking a selfie photo ever again. Wouldn't that be awesome?


Image via © BURGER/phanie/Phanie Sarl/Corbis

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