Kid's Million Dollar Museum Blunder Proves Tween Boys Should All Be in Bubbles (VIDEO)

paintingAny parent who's ever followed their kid around a museum saying "Be careful!" in a stage whisper will cringe at the details of this story: A 12-year-old boy at an art museum in Taipei tripped and fell -- right through a centuries-old painting worth $1.5 million!


And thanks to the museum's closed circuit TV cameras, the accident was caught on video for all the world to see (over and over and over again)! 

Warning: This is truly painful to watch! There the kid goes, holding his soda (which probably was a bad idea -- aren't sodas usually not allowed in art museums?), just walking along ... dum de dum de dum ... when, D'oh! Right over the rope and into the painting ("Flowers," by 17th-century Italian Baroque artist Paolo Porpora, pictured above). Oh Lord, oh no!

To be perfectly accurate, it's the boy's fist that goes into the painting (like, actually makes a hole in it). But more on that in a minute. First, witness the horror: 

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Aw, jeez. Poor kid! It's not his fault that he's clumsy and wasn't looking where he was going. No, seriously -- he's 12. And as any parent of a tween boy can tell you, they are all very, very clumsy and never, ever look where they're going. Luckily (miraculously!), the painting was insured, so the boy and his family aren't responsible for the damages; the museum is also being super understanding about the whole thing. Said exhibition organizer Sun Chi-hsuan: 

"The boy was probably too concentrated in listening to what the guide was saying, and therefore stumbled."

Hmmm, methinks that's maybe even a bit too generous an estimation, but whatever gets you through the night, Sun Chi-hsuan!

And that's why God invented art restoration.



Image via TST Art of Discovery Co

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