Mark Cuban Discusses the Most Terrifying Aspect of Parenting -- Raising Jerks

Parenting isn't an easy gig. Forget about the minutia of whether you spend your days at home as primary caregiver, whether you schlep to the office to bring home money to meet the family's needs, or everything in between. I'm talking big picture -- are you raising decent human beings? Here's a famous billionaire who hopes he is, but Shark Tank's Mark Cuban worries he'll raise entitled jerks.  


According to Cuban, this is his greatest fear. That's a great starting place, especially for a billionaire! But I wanted more. I wanted to believe that he means his greatest fear is raising entitled jerks ... that will contribute to the horrifying state of rape culture or the level of greed that propelled the economy into a recession or the lack of empathy that has people arguing over what lives matter instead of valuing all humans equally. Those sound like truly great fears.

Instead these soundbites make it sound like his greatest fear is raising entitled jerks who will expect to take his money, mooch off of his hard work and not kill themselves for their own fortune. He wants his kids to work hard, which is of value, but is it the key to raising good people? He says that the thought of raising these entitled brats is "terrifying."

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Terrifying. Shouldn't that word be reserved for the panic you feel when you don't know if you can make the next mortgage payment? When you don't know if that winter coat is warm enough to help while they wait for the bus? When you know you can't afford the extra help that you know your child needs to learn to read and write? Those things feel terrifying. Worried that my kid throws a tantrum every time I say no to the dollar bin at Target? It's frustrating, yes, but with a little perspective I know these are good problems to have to combat. 

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I do appreciate that Mark Cuban is even thinking about his parenting goals and philosophy. It's clear that he has conversations with his wife about not coddling them too much. He obviously wants them to find their own way in life, rather than taking the lazy way out. But I sincerely hope he remembers entitlement isn't only about money and that success isn't the only priority. I hope he wants to raise generous children who help those in need, empathetic children who offer resources to those who don't have a platform, passionate children who might want to leave the world better off than the way they found it. After all, you're Mark Cuban -- we expect more than the goal of "not raising entitled jerks." Show them how to really dream big, aim for the stars, and go for the win.


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