5 Bigger Threats to Your Kids' Health Than Sexting

A recent national poll asked adults what they thought the biggest problem facing children's health today was, and 45 percent -- almost half -- of them put sexting at the top of the list. Sexting?


Sexting ranked higher than smoking, which has actually been known to be super addictive and fatal. But I suppose there's no arguing with the sheer terror of the thought of your daughter's goodies ending up on some sweaty boy's phone. Nonetheless, while sexting can be embarrassing and even illegal sometimes, when it comes to "health concerns" there's probably a whole lot worse going on with your kids than potty talk.

So if you're among those who think sexting is one of the biggest health concerns facing kids today, you might want to think again. Here are a few things kids are doing that are way worse than sexting.

1. Cars and phones

I've seen your kid. He's whipping around my cul-de-sac, texting and steering with his knee. At that point I really don't care if what he's sending is a picture of his donger or a quick "LOL," if he doesn't start paying attention someone's gonna get killed. In fact 3,000 teens die every year in crashes caused by texting and driving -- a leading cause of teen fatality in the U.S. Also, GET OFF MY LAWN!

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2. E-cigarettes

They're sold in all sorts of fruity and delicious flavors like cherry and Gummi Bear and smoked using a high-tech vape pen (read: teen toy), and you have no idea what chemicals are in the e-cigarette juice because it's completely unregulated by the FDA. What a genius new way to get a generation of kids hooked on nicotine and other harmful chemicals while marketing it as a "healthy" alternative to smoking! Estimates say nearly 2 million high school kids are puffing on e-cigarettes today -- far more than are sexting.

3. Swimming

Hold on to your lunch, but every summer kids are catching all sorts of nasty bugs from swimming in water contaminated by human waste. All kinds of human waste. Researchers tested 161 public pools a couple of years ago and found that more than half were contaminated with E. coli as a result of poop in the water. That danger is nothing compared to the staggering number of children who die from drowning each year.

4. Wearing skinny jeans

Those H&M skinny jeans aren't just your kids' latest hipster fashion statement; they're actually damaging their muscles and nerves. Skinny jeans were enough to cause one woman to collapse while she was walking through a park. The skinny jean struggle is real.

5. Sitting

Recent studies show sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your health, even if you're active at other times of the day. Some experts attribute rising ADHD diagnoses to kids being forced to sit still for too long during the school day. Sitting for prolonged periods has also been shown to cause all sorts of other health problems like obesity and diabetes.


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