11-Year-Old Uses Disgusting Comments Left on His Viral Video to Send a Message to Bullies

Logan Fairbanks is one seriously cool kid. He stars in YouTube prank videos with his dad Josh Fairbanks, and instead of taking Internet bullying lying down, the 11-year-old read some of his meanest comments out loud in order to highlight how positively wretched people can be online.


Some of the comments Logan read were in response to a particularly hilarious video that went viral last year, in which Josh donned a mask and scared the crap out of his son in the shower while he was adorably singing off-key to Katy Perry.

In the video uploaded July 7, Josh wrote, "Logan asked me to do this. As his dad I was very hesitant but he insisted that if there was a chance it could help someone then why not face his online bullies and try. I hope one day I have as much courage as he does."

Take a look and try not to feel all the feels and want to give this kid a giant hug.

Can you believe some of the things people said to this kid? He's a child! Not that this would be OK if he were older, but it does make the comments even more horrific.

Some of the worst comments included:

  • I was expecting that to suck the fat right out of him.
  • His dad scared the gay right out of him.
  • Squeal, piggy, squeal.
  • He is so ugly and big.
  • Big fat swine.
  • I hope that he dies.
  • I hope he gets cancer.

Logan had words of encouragement too. After going through the lists of vicious comments, he said, "I hope that people don't bully other people online anymore, and that this helps ... And people that have been bullied -- don't let these words effect you."

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Is he amazing or what? So many kids would've fallen into depression or worse at such vileness, but not Logan. Instead he took the opportunity to teach the online community that there are real people at the ends of those comments, with real feelings.

And what a great reminder for parents to talk to their kids about bullying, and that just because they don't push kids around on the playground doesn't mean that their words don't have the power to damage others.

Can you believe some of the things people said to Logan?


Image via Josh Fairbanks/YouTube

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