Sassy 11-Year-Old Sends the Breakup Text We All Wish We'd Thought to Send (PHOTO)

11 year old textIt’s been more than 20 years since I was in middle school, but I remember it well. My first boyfriend and I held hands while we roller skated, he bought me a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day, and we generally got teased during recess for admitting we liked each other. I don’t remember why the "relationship" ended, but I can guarantee it happened through an exchange of loose-leaf paper notes passed from class to class. On the whole, the breakup was uneventful. A lot has changed, as evidenced by this 11-year old's priceless text exchange with her ex-boyfriend.


The girl was fed up with her boyfriend’s sneaky ways and had to kick him to the curb.

I appreciate that she gave him two chances. It proves she's human and vulnerable to love. But he blew it by going to the park with another girl. I love how direct this girl is; she asks him outright why he cheated on her. What was he doing at the park with that girl anyway? Is that code for something else? Maybe he's a swinger? Without a good answer, she goes on the defensive.


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She bought him a Starbucks, so she must have loved him a little bit. This guy is destined to be a lawyer; using the tiniest shred of evidence to build a case against her. How can you argue with that? You don't, because this girl isn't interested in a fight. She is D-O-N-E done.

That might be the greatest breakup line ever. Ding ding ding. There’s your elevator, go back down to your own level. This girl is priceless. Unlike me, she probably won’t end up dating this guy on and off through senior year of high school. I wish she'd been around to write my middle school breakup notes.

What's the best breakup line you or your kids have used?

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