Teen Left Out of School Yearbook for Refusing to Dress Like the Other Girls

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A teen's senior photo was removed from her school yearbook for a ridiculous reason: She was wearing a tux. "Because that’s what I’m comfortable with," says Crystal Cumplido at Lincoln High School in Stockton, California.


Crystal had no idea she'd been ousted until she actually got her yearbook and discovered she wasn't in it. Crystal asked for an explanation from her school, and was told she wasn't following the dress policy. Yet later when questioned by the press, the school admitted they'd made a mistake, and were willing to republish the yearbook with Crystal's photo.

And I say good for Crystal for sticking up for herself! Because if I were this girl's mom, I'd go ballistic. Because even though my daughter is only 4, she craves acceptance -- from her peers, her school, everyone. Yet she also has her unique "style" that I'm sure will become even more eccentric down the road (I envision rainbow hair as soon as I give the green light) and this uniqueness is something I will try hard to preserve, because that's what makes her her. 

Same goes for Crystal -- the clothes she wears are an expression of her identity. Force her to dress different, and a school is saying she shouldn't be who she is. What could be a worse message for a school to cultivate?

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The fact that this happened with the school yearbook makes this particularly egregious, because a yearbook is a memory kids cherish until they're old (hopefully). So, to not even be in there denies this girl's very existence. Plus, they're undermining her identity and unique style, implying that "unless you fit in, you'll suffer the consequences."

All I can say is I'm glad this girl stuck up for herself ... and I hope she and others in her class get the revised yearbook with her photo in it. Because it's important to teach teens to embrace each other's differences. What better parting words could a school give to their kids?

Learn more about this teen's story in the video below:

How would you feel if your teen were removed from the yearbook for being "different"?


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