This Group of Teens Is Twice as Likely to Get Pregnant as Other Kids

High school is not an easy place for LGBTQ teens, but if there was one thing many moms thought they were safe from, it was teen pregnancy. But a new study from George Mason University shows that this is not the case at all -- gay and bisexual teens are actually twice as likely to get pregnant than their heterosexual peers.


The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health, looked at a sample of 10,000 responses from a Centers for Disease Control survey of ethnically and racially diverse New York City high school students.

On the survey, the students were asked to self-label their sexuality as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, etc, as well as report their sexual behavior and history with pregnancy. About 85 percent of female students and 96 percent of male students identified as heterosexual.

In total, about 14 percent of female students and 11 percent of male students became pregnant or got somebody else pregnant.

But, in the demographic of students who identified LGBTQ, 23 percent of female students reported a pregnancy, and 29 percent of males got another student pregnant.

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Though it's impossible to say why or identify the circumstance for sure, the researchers agree that it's probably an education issue.

Teen pregnancy is a growing problem in the U.S., and so it's also a growing discussion. But that discussion, more often than not, leaves LGBTQ teens out ... and that's problematic. Obviously.

Schools need to make sure that resources and education reaches sexual minority students as well as heterosexual students, and parents need to be careful not to make assumptions about their teens' sexual behaviors. 

Sex ed is so, so important for all teens (no matter who they are or are not sleeping with) and parents have to make sure that everyone is hearing it.

Do these statistics surprise you?


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