Teen Becomes a Viral Sensation for Her Cheeky Yearbook Quote

The coolest girl ever just graduated from high school, and you want to know how we know? Okay, okay, we'll tell you: Her senior quote is going viral, and with good reason. It's awesome.


Rafika Alami, a 17-year-old high school senior at Summit High in California and certified genius (just guessing on that last part), published this underneath her senior photo: "The only reason I wear this is to give you females a chance."

Rafika said the quote refers to her hijab, if you didn't pick that up. And the phrase is everything a senior quote is supposed to be: smart, sharp, a littllleee vague, and brimming with confidence.

 This is the kind of girl moms want to see their daughters become. Someone who's comfortable with and confident in herself. Someone who can express herself, however she might choose to do that.

Rafika told The Huffington Post that all the responses she's gotten have been great -- everyone think she's hilarious (duh) and girls have been telling her that she's inspired them to be more confident.

And if there's one thing we want more girls to be, it's confident. So THANK YOU, Rafika. You rock.

Do you remember what your senior quote was?


Image via chief feef/Twitter

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