13 Summer Camp Disasters & the Counselors Who Lived to Tell the Tales (PHOTOS)

summer camp

Ah, summer camp -- a merry time when kids go canoeing, commune with nature, and end their days singing songs in front of a roaring fire. Every summer, an estimated 11 million kids attend more than 12,000 camps across the U.S., and most return home brimming with rolicking stories of their adventures.


That is, if they're lucky.

While most kids enjoy summer camp, there's nothing like getting a bunch of camp counselors together to hear just how bad things can go on your kid's big trip away from home. From "fake" poison ivy to bed-wetting, we asked counselors to let us in on just how horrible the horror stories can get. See if yours top them ... we doubt it!

Got any summer camp horror stories to share?


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