12 Images That Capture How Dads Really Feel About Their Daughters Going to Prom (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Apr 27, 2015 Tweens & Teens

dad daughter shotgun promIt's a big moment for the whole family: daughter's first prom. She's all dolled up, picked out a gorgeous gown, and her date is on the way. But even though she's ready to finally experience the teen milestone, there's one person who may not be prepared to face the day: Dad.

No matter how modern a man -- or father -- he is, Dad might be a little overprotective and not ready to meet "the date." So, naturally, he's channeling his not-so-inner Walter Stratford and preparing for the moment.

Think it's just a myth propagated by TV sitcoms and teen rom-coms? Nope. Here are 12 real dads who were not so happy to see their little girls growing up ... or at least willing to ham it up for some funny prom night photos.

How did your dad react to your first prom?



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