13 Senior Pranks Even the Principal Will Laugh At

Graduation is coming up, prom is on the horizon, and Senior Ditch Day is planned and on the calendar, but there's one more major rite of passage for every soon-to-be high school graduate: the senior prank. They're usually harmless -- sometimes a tad inappropriate -- but your kids hope they will go down in the school's history.


From the outrageous to the suspension-threatening horseplay, there are plenty of pranks kids have pulled that very well verge on destructive. If you get any whiff of talk about these kinds of senior pranks, be warned parents, because your kid may not walk at graduation ... or worse, the police can be called. You don't want to see college plans derailed over high school tomfoolery.

Instead, how about directing them to some of these less destructive -- but still creative -- pranks that kids have pulled off around the nation ... without having their scholarships pulled.

Did you (or your kids) ever pull off an epic senior prank?


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