17 Things You're Doing That Drive Your Kids Up the Wall

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It's a cycle that no generation can really seem to break. Every single child, tween, and teen finds their parents annoying at one point or another. Maybe it's just the questions we ask, the bizarre habits we have, or our uncanny knack for pushing those buttons. Do parents drive kids crazy? That's one resounding "yes!"


It's part of the parenthood schtick. These are the habits that unite moms (and dads) the world over. And our kids too ...

That's why we took to the Internet and to a few anonymous teens, to find out the worst things parents do that drive their kids crazy. Get ready to nod along with these undeniable annoying parent quirks. Because if you aren't doing them to your kids, you probably had them done to you by your own.

Here are the 18 most annoying things parents do that drive kids nuts:

  1. Say "quit back-talking to me!" -Maybe we could let them get a word in edge-wise. 
  2. Shout "well look who decided to make an appearance/come out of her cave/hey, look, I have a daughter!" whenever kids emerge from their room -- The less we say it, the more time they may spend out here with the rest of us.
  3. Insist we're "cool moms." -- It's time to live it, not say it.
  4. Send the kids on the endless, "go ask your mother/go as your father" loop. -- Oh no; they're onto us.
  5. Make fun of the kids' music or demand that they turn it off whenever Mom or Dad are in the room -- Then again, we always ask them what they're listening to, so there's really no way to win here.

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  6. Ask them why they're always on their phones! -- Pot. Kettle.
  7. Pull out the "do as I say, not as I do" card. -- OK, that one's hard to buy.
  8. Knock on the bedroom door once, then come in without waiting for an answer.  -- Hey, we could just skip the knock and barge right in.
  9. Embarrass them at every possible function, sports games, school play, the grocery store. -- Doesn't mean we have to stop doing it!
  10. Get upset when they answer "good" to the "how was your day?" question. -- Sometimes, it really was just good.
  11. Leave their bedroom door open when we leave -- They've figured this trick out too.
  12. Use the age-old "if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" -- Come to think of it, it does make us sound like our parents.
  13. Ask for help with really basic technology. -- Fine, we'll just call the kid down the street; he'd be happy to explain an HDMI card for $10.

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  14. Interrupt group hang time. -- The commercials are wrong. They don't want pizza rolls.
  15. Ask to be friend on Facebook.  -- Yes, they see the notification, and no, they're not going to confirm.
  16. Over-share on Facebook. -- Turns out they don't think that #TBT is as cute as we do. Who knew!?

    And finally, the most annoying thing parents do:

  17. Say "because I said so." -- But it's so satisfying to say!

What's one thing you do that drives your kids crazy?



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