Disturbing 'Rescue the Anorexic Girl' Has Parents Outraged

rescue the anorexic girl

Let me ask you something: Would you be cool with your kid playing a game that entails throwing food at a girl who's mentally ill with anorexia? Didn't think so. Amazon recently pulled Rescue the Anorexic Girl off of their virtual shelves once they realized that this was in fact the premise of the game. Marketed by SmartTouchmedia, the app is in the vein of the Whack-a-Mole formula, only this video game encourages players to toss food at a girl who's struggling with anorexia. If the player misses the girl, she loses weight and then ultimately dies. Yes, this is an actual game.


If your jaw is on the floor right now at the absolute horrificness of this concept, you're not alone. Many people have voiced their disgust for Rescue the Anorexic Girl on Twitter, which seems may have been the catalyst for Amazon to pull the game. The eating disorder organization, Anorexia & Bulimia Care (ABC), also blasted the app, calling it, rightfully, "horrific." A spokesperson for the charity said, "We are horrified to learn of Amazon’s app which actively encourages people to make fun of those struggling with life threatening eating disorders."

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Amazon carrying this app aside, the most unbelievable thing is the fact that this game exists at all. Who in their right mind created something that pokes fun at the most deadly mental disease out there? This is bullying in every sense of the word. (If you don't think so, imagine you had a child with anorexia. What would you think of this game then?) And, perhaps more so, this is complete ignorance.

It's of course a positive thing that Amazon pulled this game off of their shelves, but it's pretty unsettling that they carried it in the first place. Hopefully, the game will be pulled altogether soon. And, if it's not, let's hope that this is something that parents (should they have this level of control) don't allow their kids to download. Because aboslutely no good can come from something as idiotic as this.

Would you ever let your kid play this game?


Image via SmartTouchmedia

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