9-Year-Old's 2-Minute Takedown of State Tests Is One Every Parent Should See (VIDEO)

What were you doing at 9 years old? Standing in front of a podium that was taller than you were and coolly addressing a school board with your clear, three-pronged argument about why the new state-wide standardized testing should be reconsidered? Didn't think so. But Sydney Smoot was.


This fourth grade girl might not have the height to hit the microphone, but she sure has enough poise to make up for it. Watch her:

That girl is convincing enough to make the whole country care about the standardized testing in the state of Florida, and her public speaking skill are way beyond those of most American adults. 

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Sydney's mom, Jennifer, said that she helped Sydney write her speech, but the 9-year-old did most of the heavy lifting herself. And she certainly stood up there in front of the school board/engaged audience/TV cameras without her mom's help ... and without so much as a tremble or a stutter.

Sydney has the right idea though, and she's not the only one worried about how the standardize testing obsession might be hurting her education.

As she puts it, "This testing looks at me as a number. One test defines me either as a failure or a success through a numbered rubric."

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What's impressive is that at 9, Sydney's aware enough to recognize all this, vocalize it, and stand up and tell it to the people who might be able to change it.

This girl most definitely has a promising political career in front of her. Could she be the Leslie Knope this country needs??


Image via HITV/YouTube

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