10 ‘He Said Yes’ Prom Proposals From Awesome, Rule-Breaking Teen Girls (PHOTOS)

'Tis finally the season of corsages, gowns, and limo rides. You know what we're talking about: prom time. As high school students start planning their prom dates, the 'promposals' are beginning. And this year, we're seeing the classic role reversal: Girls are asking boys to prom, and coming up with some of the best scenarios we've ever seen.

Get ready for all of the puns you can handle, and take a look at these #HeSaidYes promposals, coordinated by some of the most clever high school ladies out there.

Love all of these! Which is your favorite?


Image via _katiep123_/Instagram

  • Under Arrest


    Image via abbey_vosberg/Instagram

    Nothing like the hint of jail time to make your date say "yes." We kid, we kid, this is some seriously clever word play.

  • The Way to a Man's Heart


    Image via sadiemilbrath/Instagram

    We've heard that the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach. And that's never been more true than for a growing teenage boy. Brilliant strategy here, girl.

  • Pride & Joy


    Image via maurajae731/Instagram

    A high school boy's most prized possession? His car. That's why it's also the prime target for a classic promposal.


  • Name Game


    Image via thaatbiitchh_/Instagram

    Heh, heh, we see what you did there. Some clever work with incorporating his name. Girlfriends of all Hunters, take note.

  • Batman


    Image via nauti_queen/Instagram

    A little Batman reference never hurt anyone. And Joker + Harley = 5eva, please.

  • Swim Teams


    Image via samanthadiane_xoxo/Instagram

    Swim team, swim duo, whatever you may call it, it definitely has flow.

  • (Sugar &) Spice


    Image via hannnahhd/Instagram

    Nothing like some good ol' fashioned wings to get the guy to say yes!

  • (Base)ball


    Image via amy_denney/Instagram

    It sure took a lot of ahem, courage, to get this one done!

  • Alert! Alert!


    Image via _katiep123_/Instagram

    Everyone knows the classic Life Alert commercial. Seriously, everyone. Applause all around to this brilliant lady.


  • Hole in One


    Image via kvasquez25/Instagram

    She shoots, she scores!

    Someone's on top of her game...


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