Student’s Brilliant Response to Pathetically Written Duke Rejection Letter Goes Viral

Getting a rejection letter is no fun, but how you handle it definitely says a lot about you. Are you the stony silence type? The gracious response type? The cry a little then break things type? Or, best yet: Are you the send a funny response type ... and are you actually witty enough to pull it off?


One high schooler (yep, she's only 17) drops neatly into that last category, and her rejection from Duke University prompted her to write back a salty (her word) response.

She rejected their rejection, and said, "Therefore, I will be attending Duke University's 2015 freshmen class." And yep, it looks like she actually sent it. Read it here:

That's all language that we, the common folk, have seen too many times to count, but still remains a favorite among admission committees and HR teams alike.

Just the words "after careful consideration" make us shudder. And "We regret to inform you?" Forget about it. We're crying already. So sorry if we're not-that-sorry that rejection committees get to read it for once ... instead of us.

Siobhan's response has raked in media attention for her, but no news yet on whether Duke has responded. Or accepted her rejection rejection.

Not that it matters to her, anyways -- according to her Tumblr, Siobhan accepted the University of South Carolina's offer to join their freshman class, so there's nothing she needs from Duke anyways. So there

But we really do have to give this girl credit for her sass -- it's at a level that we can definitely respect. And on that note, we decided to take a moment to salute the sassiest and saltiest of rejection letter responses.

Have you ever thought about sending a funny response to a rejection letter?