What Moms Wish Their Sons Understood About Sex

When your son is 6 years old and has already been "engaged" five times, you know you're in for it. And you know you had best give him the "birds and bees" information well before he hits puberty.


But how should moms handle "the talk" with their sons? Especially sons who think they'll have 100 kids one day? We asked other moms what they want their sons to know about sex ... and we may be stealing some of their tips for our own little Casanovas:

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"Lesson # 1, that we've started from day 1, is 'No means NO' in every aspect of life, and that will be instilled as we begin the sex talks." -- Amanda P.

"Always think with the head on top of your shoulder versus your other head. Sex has many consequences (both positive and negative)."-- Zadie H.

"Photos on the Internet are forever. Nobody wants to see a text photo of your goods." -- Bonnie S.

"Real life sex is nothing like porn"-- Zoe T

"People talk about doing it more than they actually do it. Don't trust what you hear in the locker room." -- Carrie B.

"In addition to teaching my son about the physiological and biological functions of the human body and sex, I want to teach my son that sex is a healthy, normal, fun, and important part of life and relationships."-- Rachel M.

"That like all other interactions in life, he should be nice, respectful, and joyful about it, and deserves the same from others."-- Heather P.

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"I plan to make sure that he knows that masturbation is healthy and normal but that he is going to be learning to do his own laundry once I start finding crusty socks and sheets in my laundry baskets."-- Michelle J.

"I want him to know that nobody ever regrets waiting but lots of people regret having sex too early. I also want him to know that it is never okay to pressure anyone to have sex, and that includes him being pressured to."-- Laura N.

"This might seem odd, but in addition to all the basics about condoms and stuff, I want to make sure that he knows that being uncircumsized is normal and that his penis isn't funny looking. I'd hate for him to be self-conscious about that body part."-- Hannah M.

"The most important thing I want him to know about sex is that his father and I don't care at all if he wants to have sex with men or women. I just want him to have a sex life that is healthy and loving."-- Dianne W.

"I want to teach him that he needs to be really careful about making good choices, especially when it comes to sex and drinking. Consent is so important, as is making sure both parties are treated with respect."-- Kim T.

"He is already obsessed with his penis, so I'll be happy if my 5 year old eventually learns to stop putting his hands in his pants while out in public."-- Josie W.

"Honestly, I kind of just want to outsource this to my husband, but I know I'll suck it up and try to talk to him about what sex is like from the girl's perspective."-- Sarah F.

What kinds of conversations are you having with your sons?


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