14 Prom Dresses Inspired by Disney Princesses

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 26, 2015 Tweens & Teens
14 Prom Dresses Inspired by Disney Princesses

elsa frozen prom dressProm season is here, and it's time to grab your daughters, plan a shopping trip, and finally get that prom dress. And as the elegant night of gowns and dancing approaches, Disney princesses seem to be taking charge.

Believe it or not, princess-inspired prom dresses are all the rage. We would chalk it up to the never-ending Frozen fever, but these flowing ball gowns and flowing looks clearly have some royal examples ... and Elsa is just one of them.

Princess Picks for Prom

#8 is beautiful! Which one is your favorite?



Image via Disney; Jasz Couture

  • Belle


    Image via Amazon; JJ's House

    She managed to tame the beast, and lookes gorgeous doing it. The key to this look is, obviously, a full yellow gown, but dress it up with a fun half-updo and, of course, a rose.

  • Pocahontas


    Image via Amazon; Jasz Couture

    The Native American princess dons a short beige dress throughout the film, but the night-time version is perfectly prom-like. With some colorful beading and, natural, flowing sleek hair, you can "paint with all the colors of the wind," all night long.

  • Tiana


    Image via Amazon; MyeSoul

    She might be donning a light blue, Cinderella-like, dress here, but Tiana is actually famous for her light green gown. Another full skirt and tight bodice make the look, but, honestly, who says you can't also rock a tiara?

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  • Elsa


    Image via Disney; Jasz Couture

    One of the famous princesses from the latest Disney film, Frozen, Elsa's instantly classic sparkly ice gown can get a nice and more realistic twist. Still stick with the light, ice-like blue, but a nice shimmer top and sequined half will make it sparkle. Just like the Queen's castle.

  • Anna


    Image via Disney; Jasz Couture

    Elsa's little sister has become a Disney princess too! In a different look, she wears an olive green gown that perfectly complements her red hair. But whether or not your girl is blessed with the ginger locks, she can throw them up in a updo, and focus all the effort on the beaded, color-matched dress.

  • Jasmine


    Image via Amazon; Prom Girl

    She's one of the more daring princesses, but Jasmine's look hinges on one thing: It's a two-piece. Midi-bearing dresses are all the rage now (and Taylor Swift's favorite), so stick with the trend and go for the separates.

  • Ariel


    Image via Amazon; Prom Girl

    For The Little Mermaid look, how could you not go with a mermaid gown? The bottom "tail" gives it that underwater flip (pun intended), and the green keeps it true to Ariel's natural look.

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  • Aurora


    Image via Amazon; Simply Dresses

    It's the classic all-pink look. Aurora rocks full-length sleeves, but cap sleeves work just as well and allow for more movement. This light pink dress immediately evokes images of the Sleeping Beauty, and with lightly blown out hair, the look is easy to achieve.


  • Mulan


    Mulan changes outfits more times that we can count throughout the film, but one thing is true: The Princess loves her multi-colored frocks. She dons traditional Chinese wear, but her color choices are perfectly modern. And color blocking dresses find their inspiration from some of the warrior's looks. This pink, green, and red look mirrors one of Mulan's finest. Alternatively, go for her other, yellow, blue, and green look.

  • Rapunzel


    One of the more recent princesses, Rapunzel's look hinges on one thing: the hair. Yes, the light purple dress is critical, but the most important is the full braid and split-end-free locks.

  • Merida


    Image via Disney; Prom Girl

    Brave's Princess Merida is fierce. She can shoot a crossbow, isn't afraid to challenge the guys, and is an all-around great role model for girls. So channel her in more ways than one. Attitude? Check. Long navy dress? Double check.

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  • Snow White


    Image via Amazon; Simply Dresses

    It might be easy to go with the two-piece option here: a navy blue top and a yellow skirt, but stick with the one all-over color. Add a pop of yellow with a corsage or a jewel necklace, instead.



  • Tinkerbell


    Image via Amazon; Simply Dresses

    She may not be an official Disney princess, but she's inspiration nonetheless. Tinkerbell's short, light green frock, gives a nice contrast option to the other long gowns that you'll see at prom.


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